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Cupping (vacuotherapie)

Known and used since antiquity, also known as the kneading part of traditional Chinese

methods of treatment. This method has been used in China for overf a millennia. In Europe

the first reports date back to the famous Galen about 120 AD. The practice then spread during

the Middle Ages. The use of suction cups is a good complementary therapeutic method.

Depending on ones needs, various types of suction cups can be used: those made of silicone


are suitable for massage, cupping glass or PVC containing magnets enhance the circulation of

blood and energy and contribute to a general improvement in health. How does it work? The

vacuum created in the cups sucks the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing micro-ruptures in

the capillaries and thus revitalizing blood circulation in the area. TCM shows that the cupping

has an influence on the meridians, blood and qi (ones vital energy). According to Western

medicine, cupping acts on blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. Both approaches,

however, agree that through a slight irritation on the surface of the skin, can also affect the

internal organs. Cupping is not painful, the client does not feel the heat or a changes to the

level of the skin. A slight temporary skin bruising may occur, especially after the first cupping

treatment when the stagnation of qi and blood are the most important. On healthy skin free of

blockages contusion occurs much; any traces of cup marks will disappear within a week.


Cupping (vacuotherapie)


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