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Classical massage

A massage that eliminates fatigue and promotes regeneration. Focusing on nerve activity. It helps improve blood circulation and venous return of blood and lymph from the body to the circulatory centre. This massage encourages increased blood flow to and from the muscular and ligament system, and on a secondary level to and from the internal organs. It works by increasing metabolism, which causes the removal of waste products (e.g. calcium salts, lactic and uric acid) from the capillary and lymphatic systems. Its purpose is to provide an overall regeneration of the organism, eliminate fatigue, and give a feeling of lightness and freedom of body. It should be noted that massage strengthens muscles, which can only result in better performance thanks to the above-mentioned effects. The massage is performed slowly with gentle pressure. This massage is good overall massage but is most effective for the back and neck areas.

The massage can be combined with a wrap - for example, mud or algae

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